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We stand at the precipice of that which is to forever change our world.

Only a small percentage of our population are aware of cryptocurrencies.  While many people have “heard of Bitcoin” the majority have no idea what a cryptocurrency truly is or what it means.  They don’t understand the technology behind it, the possibilities for its practical use, or that there are nearly two thousand of them currently and more being created each day.  

The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is coming.  It is here to stay and nothing can stop it. Although the father of crypto, “Bitcoin”, has been around since 2009 the crypto market as a whole is still in its infancy.  And while the point of this article isn’t meant to focus on Bitcoin, it is probably best that I start with a short history of its creation before I get into the intended subject of this writing as not to break its scope further on.  So let this serve as a very brief introduction to digital assets before we dig deeper.

Bitcoin was gifted to the world in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.  His or her true identity is unknown. The transactions of Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency are part of blockchain technology.  Blockchain is a public, cryptographic, decentralized, and immutable ledger that records transactions which can never be altered once completed, thus its “immutable” nature.  While Bitcoin functions perfectly well and is an arguably efficient store of value which is easy to transfer anywhere in the world with little effort, its basic structure isn’t aging well in a world that needs faster transactions.  A Bitcoin transaction can take hours to complete. For that reason alone it will never be adopted as a true currency with which you would make purchases with on a daily basis. Imagine having to wait at your favorite coffee hut for 90 minutes to get a coffee and bagel.  You would likely run out of gas while you were waiting at the window. This is why Bitcoin will never be more than a store of value analogous to gold. And here is where the “altcoins” come in. Altcoins are basically all of the other existing cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.  There are many. So many that each is deserving of its own paper. This brings us to the cream of the crop as I see it and the purpose of this report.

XRP is a digital currency created by Ripple Labs, Inc.  XRP is the top third cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Ripple Labs is an American technology company which develops the Ripple payment protocol and exchange network. Originally named Opencoin and renamed Ripple Labs in 2015, the company was founded in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California.  The Ripple protocol is based around a shared and public ledger which uses a consensus process that allows for payments, exchanges and remittance in a distributed process.

There are abundant reasons why XRP is a superior cryptocurrency.  It is a fiercely undervalued asset at present but this rare window of opportunity will be closing very quickly.  As I delve into some of the facts behind XRP you will understand why investing in XRP now is a smart move if you want to turn a few thousand dollars into a few million in a relatively short time frame. I’m estimating from one to five years.


Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO of Ripple and a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Ripple, Brad served as the CEO of file collaboration service Hightail. From 2009 to 2012 he was President of Consumer Applications at AOL and prior to that he held various executive positions at Yahoo! from 2003 to 2009, including Senior Vice President.  Earlier in his career, Brad helped to pioneer the VoIP industry as CEO of Dialpad Communications. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of OutMatch and has held board positions at Ancestry.com and Tonic Health. Brad is the real deal. He has a global plan to revolutionize the way banks send money cross-border and as his plan executes it’s taking XRP with it as XRP is used in one of Ripple’s enterprise solutions, “xRapid”, to further increase liquidity.  


Utilizing XRP to increase a banks liquidity saves the banks billions of dollars by allowing the banks to not have to keep billions of dollars in Nostro/Vostro accounts.  (Nostro and Vostro are Italian terms that describe the same bank account. They're used when one bank has another bank's money on deposit and used to facilitate foreign exchange and settlement across borders.)  When a bank uses xRapid they no longer need the Nostro/Vostro accounts.  Money is converted from one currency like USD to XRP and then to the currency of the country of destination like AUD for Australia in example.  The conversion happens nearly instantly and behind the scenes and all of it is recorded on the ledger. There are already over 100 banks and remittance companies using Ripples payment solutions and more are coming onboard every week.  Another point to digest here is that Ripple is working with banks and regulators to facilitate broad adoption which is a very smart thing to do. Governments are scared of losing total control of the money. This makes a viable segue from the old way of money to the new way of money and mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The smart investor can easily see that this will put XRP ahead of the pack.


Moving money across borders using currently enacted methods is frustratingly slow.  If you need to send money from USA to England it is literally faster to take the money in cash and fly it there on a commercial flight than it is to send it with the current messaging system standard in place know as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).  There’s nothing swift about it. The messaging system was designed in 1973 and in today’s world it is truly laughable that it is still being used. Sending money with SWIFT is slow. SWIFT does not facilitate funds transfer. It sends payment orders which must be settled using the Nostro/Vostro accounts and handled manually.  It can take as much as a week to move money cross-border and the fees are high. Money can be sent from one country to another using the Ripple network in 4 seconds and the fees are almost nothing. It is fairly obvious to see how the xRapid Ripple network outperforms SWIFT (along with Bitcoin and Ethereum) in every possible way.

The Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force was launched in January of 2018 and is responsible for improving the U.S. payment system.  To assist the Task Force, a 16-member steering committee was elected. Ryan Zagone, Head of Research on the Ripple’s Business development team is one among them.  At Ripple, Ryan works with financial institutions, regulators, and central banks on infrastructure efforts and faster payments initiatives globally.  Yes, the tentacles of Ripple and it’s masterful plan seem to have a grip on everything.

In the recent past, there has been a considerable debate over Ripple’s status.  Three class action suits have been filed in recent months alleging that XRP is a security and has violated the federal laws.


Is XRP a security?  What happens if it is determined to be?

Well, first of all it’s important to distinguish and separate XRP from Ripple.  XRP is a cryptocurrency that exists by itself and would continue to exist if the company Ripple were to vanish.  (It won’t because it’s a great company with smart people running it and it’s taking over the financial world.)

Based on that alone it should be easy to see that XRP isn’t a security.  Owning XRP doesn’t give you part ownership in the company. It doesn’t give you voting rights at the company.  It doesn’t make you share a part of the company Ripple’s debt (of which it has none because it’s thriving).

If it’s determined by the courts or the SEC to be a security (and it won’t) here is exactly what will happen.  The price of XRP will immediately tank. Investors with weak hands will dump it like a hot potato. But that is actually a good thing for the smart investor because it will be a fire sale of great proportions.  If that were to happen you’d be shrewd to sell a kidney and get as much XRP as you could. It would probably tank to as low as fifteen cents and It would be the greatest opportunity to turn back the clock and get that XRP when you wish you had last year when it was priced so low.  

Either way it doesn’t matter because the institutional funds are coming to get their XRP.  And we are talking about trillions of dollars. They can’t buy it now because it’s not regulated.  Well that is soon solved too because Coinbase as of a few days ago has launched “Custody” for large investors and hedge funds so that they can buy crypto in very large quantities.  It’s protected by insurance which allows those very deep pocketed investment firms to get their greedy hands on the crypto that they have been chomping at the bit to get a taste of.  Think about that for a minute. The crypto market is so young that it’s under 300 billion in market cap. There is an estimated 20 TRILLION dollars soon to flood into the crypto market and that is only the beginning.  When these flood gates are opened it’s going to be like nothing the financial world has ever seen. This is why getting in now is paramount. Within one to five years the price of XRP specifically is going to go through the roof and you will wish you’d gotten a piece of this pie when you’re driving to work instead of sitting on the upper deck of your mansion nestled on 600 acres sipping a soothing herbal tea and listening to the sounds of nature or whatever it is that you dream of doing when you have more money than you know what to do with.

Aside from the institutional money flooding in there are a huge number of private individuals that will be jumping on this runaway train.  When the market is legitimized in the public eye it’s going to be like two old ladies fighting over the last ugly, lacy table cloth at a flea market.  It’s going to be truly outrageous and the investors that got in early will reap the rewards.

How soon will XRP start moving?

The answer is very soon.  Possibly before the end of the month.  It won’t immediately go to the moon but what I think is going to kick off the next big run will be the Asian market.  Crypto in general has been bearish since it’s decline early January of 2018 and we’ve seen large losses. Statistically we are due for a bullish change by the last quarter as this cycle happens every year without fail.  However, short term volatility is irrelevant. The longer term is what we have to keep in perspective.

SBI Holdings

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, executive chairman, CEO and president of SBI Holdings, Inc. spoke passionately about the role of digital assets and, more specifically, XRP.  SBI Holdings Japan has launched the first bank backed crypto exchange and out the gates they are offering XRP exclusively. This is currently only being offered to a limited part of their customer base, around 20,000 users, but will be expanded to include all customers after their new platform is tested.  This will bring millions of buyers to XRP. Mr. Yoshitaka thinks that the price of XRP will be around $10 by years end. XRP is currently trading at $0.48. That would take an initial investment of $5,000 today in XRP to $100,000 in value by the end of the year. That isn’t millions but who wouldn’t want to increase their money by that factor?  Even if the price only makes it to a single dollar by December you would have doubled your money. This is only the beginning. Many will be tempted to take their profits at this point and many will. But the big money to be realized is by the investor that holds strong and waits for the millions to be made by waiting for another year or longer after the initial bull run.  This is far from a get rich quick scheme but it is a get rich with patience and smart decisions scheme.

How high could XRP go?

There are many calculations which have been done in recent months regarding XRP price predictions.  I’m not going to get into all of the different methods and calculations here but many think it will go as high as $500 to $1000.  I think it is definitely safe and conservative to say that it will likely reach $100 per XRP. This is why I think you should have at least 10,000 XRP in your portfolio if you want to assure that you make at least a million dollars.  So as of today you would need to invest $5,000 USD as XRP is trading right under 50 cents. 10,000 x 100 = 1 million The math is simple. The rewards will be great. XRP is the ONLY digital asset that has true utility. Bitcoin and all other altcoins have traded to dizzying heights on mere speculation alone.  It’s pretty easy to see that XRP will soon be the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization because it has a real world use now. You just have to decide if you want to be one of the few that are smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime before the train leaves the station.


Ted Thornhill
July 10, 2018

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